Homes Are Better Smart

A modern Smart Home is a combination of entertainment, convenience, comfort and safety features that enhance how we interact with our homes.

Everything is Under Control

Well designed smart homes create an environment where all smart devices work together in one cohesive easy to use system. Put the shades up, kick on your favorite Pandora station, and set the room to the Relax lighting scene all from a button on your smartphone. This is just one example of the power of a smart home. Check out the full video walk through of whats possible when you use Elite to make your home smart.

Auto Pilot

Sure it’s fun to turn on the pool heater from your phone before you get to your house or open the garage door for your plumber from the beach in Cabo. There are more practical reasons though to make your home smart. How about your home knowing the sun just set and turns on all your exterior lighting automatically. What if your home announced that there is a motion in your back yard when it detects a person? These are just a few examples of what an Elite Smart Home customer is experiencing today.

Information is Power

Actively stay informed with relevant information of your choice that is happening to your home. Receive important system status notifications and critical home safety alerts on your mobile devices. Notifications can be front door unlocked, alarm disarmed, water detected, motion detected in driveway and much more.

Anywhere and Everywhere

Control every aspect of your home from anywhere in the world. Remote access to cameras, thermostats, door locks and more. Access your home from whichever mobile device is the most convenient for you.