Full Speed Ahead

Bring lightening fast wired and wireless internet speeds to all corners of your home. Stream full quality content to all your devices at the same time with no interruptions.

Building the Foundation

More and more devices in our homes rely on a solid internet connection to function correctly. A cable provider’s rented all-in-one approach cannot keep up with the network demands of a modern home with smart devices. Elite Smart Home networking solutions start with one goal in mind, to build a fast, secure and reliable network that exceeds the current and future needs of our clients. Contact us today to setup an on-site survey.

Take Back Control

Setup profiles for family members and manage their internet usage. Setup schedules that automatically pause internet activity for individual devices or all devices in a users profile.

Upper Management

Internet has become as important as having hot water in a home. Having a solid network is crucial in today’s environment. Having a company that is actively managing and monitoring the health of your internet is even more important. Our exclusive ON Support Team uses the latest network management technology that instantly alerts us when there is a network related issue so that we can quickly react to resolve.