As Clear As Day

Bring stunning 4K Video to all of the televisions throughout your home with a centralized video system. Easily pick your favorite media through one consistent intuitive interface.

Stream, Stream and Stream Some More

Access individual content from all your favorite streaming video services like Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video from any television in your home. Start watching in the family room and continue watching in your bedroom. Group all the televisions together for the big game with ease.

The Technology

4K HDR (High Dynamic Range) Televisions are double the clarity of previous 1080P models. The picture quality this technology is able to achieve is nothing short of stunning. To get the very best experience use only the best 4K video sources such as Tivo, Apple TV, and 4K versions of gaming systems.

Smart Home Integration

4k video systems make enjoying a movie in crystal clear video quality or conveniently catching up on your favorite TV series from any TV in your home all possible. Integrating a 4K Video System into a smart home system gives you convenient intuitive control of the entire system as well as automating certain functions such as automatically bringing up the video cameras on a Television when an alert has been detected.