Motorized Blinds Motorized blinds are without a doubt one of the most versatile smart home upgrades to consider.

Motorized Blinds in Avalon, NJ

Quality Automatic Shades at an Affordable Price

Beyond the clean, drawstring-free appearance that motorized blinds provide, you may be surprised to discover that automatic shades enhance home security, improve energy, efficiency, and naturally introduce elements of comfort and convenience into every routine. With hundreds of unique styles and opacities available, smart blinds should be at the top of your list if an affordable upgrade that improves the quality of life, aesthetic appeal, and overall home value are important considerations for your next update in Avalon, NJ.

Thanks to our smart shading partner Lutron, all of our motorized blinds feature ultra-quiet performance, modern interior housing, and feature the latest in proprietary wireless technology for hands-free operation at the touch of a button. When paired with our smart systems in Avalon, NJ, you can schedule your automatic shades to rise with the sun, close whenever you set the alarm, or keep your home cooler or warmer with timed automation supporting every modern style and eco-conscious home improvement.

Important Benefits of Motorized Blinds

  • The cordless design provides maximum safety 
  • Protects your furniture from sun damage 
  • Improves your home’s energy efficiency 
  • Adds security when you are away from home 
  • & More…
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Professionally Installed Motorized Blinds Increase Home Value in Avalon, NJ

Fully customizable to match your window treatments and interior decor, we have hundreds of unique styles, colors, and fabric options in Avalon, NJ. After finding the perfect style for any room, easily maintain the ideal indoor temperature, improve natural lighting for optimal plant health, and uplift the energy throughout the entire home with mood-enhancing comfort only a button away.

Our creative team in Margate, NJ can help you create an exciting new theme room by room, or harmonize the entire home with beautiful options like roman, roller, horizontal sheer, and many other designer options available. However you hope to benefit from smart shades at home, you can expect our quality shades to provide smooth, quiet, and elegant performance for years to come.

Control Your Blinds With Your Phone

Another reason to consider motorized blinds involves the immersive integration that comes with our intelligent designs. Our user-friendly smart systems in Margate, NJ pair with any device, can be controlled with a remote or wall panel, and allow you to manage shading throughout the entire home from anywhere, any time. You can coordinate all of the shades in the home to close at a specific time, customize individual rooms to maintain routine plant maintenance, or stay comfy on the couch as you let your automated shades handle the sun set’s glare.

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Benefits Of Motorized Blinds For Your NJ Home

If you live in Margate, NJ motorized blinds may be the best option for your home to boost your convenience, home security, and energy efficiency. Our premium motorized shades offer exceptional protection, and several excellent benefits for homeowners in Long Beach Island, NJ, including:

  • Customizable options
  • Remote control
  • Increased home value
  • Boosted home safety

No matter the aesthetic, architecture, or design of your Longport, NJ, or Long Beach Island, NJ home, we will find automatic blinds that blend perfectly. Motorized shades help save on your energy costs, and with increased energy efficiency, you will keep your home’s indoor air temperature exactly where you want it.

Elite Smart Home is the leading motorized blinds installation company in Longport, NJ. Contact us today for more information.

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Automate Your Shades for Additional Safety in Margate, NJ

Aside from the comfort and convenience that come with our motorized drapes, there are several home safety considerations to keep in mind as you plan for your next upgrade. Most importantly, cordless blinds prevent choking and entanglement hazards for children and pets. Smart shades also work in tandem with automated exterior lights; schedule your shades to open and close at random throughout the day to create the appearance that you are actively managing your home. These are only a few of the lasting benefits you can expect after partnering with Elite Smart Home to manage the smartest blinds installation in Philadelphia, PA, or Margate, NJ. 

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