Does HOA Have Security Camera Regulations?

Does HOA Have Security Camera Regulations?


Ensuring your home is a safe place to live is always very important. One improvement that you can make to your home is to have security cameras installed on the interior or exterior of your property. Many of these camera systems now work with home automation systems and can be connected directly with local law enforcement. When considering security camera installation Philadelphia residents will need to take several factors into consideration, not the least of which is whether it is permitted by your HOA. If you are part of a larger home association, the HOA could have various regulations when it comes to home security systems.

Location and Placement of Cameras

One of the factors to consider that could be impacted by HOA regulations is the location and placement of security cameras. A local HOA will want to ensure that the privacy of all residents is secure. This often means that you are not able to place cameras on your home in a spot that could be determined to be an invasion of privacy for a neighbor. While you may have interior cameras or those that face your doorways, you may be restricted from placing them around the perimeter of your property as that could be an invasion of privacy for your neighbor.

Appearance of Cameras

One of the reasons why HOAs will have rules in place regarding home security systems is that they can have an impact on the appearance or accessibility of your property. HOAs will always take the appearance and aesthetics of home improvements seriously as they can impact the value of the full community. In many cases, larger and bulky cameras with visible wires will violate HOA policy. Also, if they are placed in an area that restricts common areas, they could be in violation of the policy. However, smaller and less apparent cameras are often within the rules.

Type of Technology and Recording

The technology and features available with security cameras are also always changing and evolving. Today, many of these systems have the ability to record and store many hours of footage. While this can be helpful in some situations, it does pose security and privacy risks for other HOA residents. Accordingly, it is common for HOAs to put restrictions on cameras that have certain recording capabilities.

Maintenance and Management

Many HOAs will also have guidelines surrounding the maintenance and management of camera systems. The last thing the HOA will want is old cameras sitting around that are not functional and have safety concerns. Generally, you will be required to maintain the cameras and also be required to keep up with software updates to ensure you have the latest safety and cybersecurity systems in place.

Changes to Policy

When it comes to home security systems, it is also important to remember that there are always changes to the policy that could come later. Home automation and security systems are still somewhat new and an association may change their rules later on. In many cases, your security system may not be grandfathered in. Because of this, it is still a good idea to follow security system common practices, even if your HOA or community does not have specific rules in place. 

When it comes to improving security and home automation in Philadelphia, residents and property owners may consider having new security cameras installed. While these smart camera systems today can offer a wide range of benefits, there are some rules and regulations that need to be considered. This includes rules set by your HOA, which can vary from one place to the next. If you are considering a security camera system for your Philadelphia property, you can contact us today, and we will help you assess what regulations you may have in place.