The Best Smart Lights To Install For Your Home Exterior

The Best Smart Lights To Install For Your Home Exterior


Smart lights are an excellent way to add a little brightness to the exterior of your home. They are light bulbs or light fixtures with sensors to automatically interact with the environment they are placed in. Smart lighting requires no manual operation like the standard light bulbs do. Rather, these unique light fixtures can be operated via voice command or a remote control device. If you are interested in smart home installation in Margate, NJ, Elite Smart Home can help.

Do I Need To Have Wi-Fi Service with Smart Lighting? 

Without Wi-Fi service or an internet connection, your smart lighting fixtures operate in the same way other LED lighting does. Smart lighting has the same qualities for energy saving that your LED lights have. For the smart feature of these lights to operate, it does require a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. Meaning if your Wi-Fi is not working, you can still operate the lighting via your smartphone.

Using Smart Bulbs

A simple way to spruce up your home’s outdoor lighting is by switching old light bulbs with energy-saving smart bulbs. Using bulbs with an internet cloud connection and a radio that’s built-in works great at syncing to the home’s network. Several options are affordable if you choose this option. You can also find smart bulbs that are connected straight to your Wi-Fi router, or phone’s Bluetooth.

Check Out The Smart Switches

The use of an indoor smart switch is a great way to control your smart lights without stepping foot outdoors. You will recognize there are many options available when shopping for smart switches. Some even include a complete dimming ability, while others offer voice options and other smart platforms built into the unit.

When deciding whether to use smart switches or smart bulbs, remember, the bulbs only operate with the power on. What this means is everyone in the house needs to be re-trained regarding keeping the switch in the on position. Smart switches do not have this issue, they are hard-wired, allowing operation no matter what position the switch is in. A smart switch ensures all remote and automated controls operate regardless of whether the light is turned off or on.

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