Where Should I Include Smart Lights

Where Should I Include Smart Lights


Smart lights provide homeowners with the convenience of being able to turn on the lights from a remote location via an app, wall control or even your voice. These smart home devices can be put on a schedule to turn on at a specific time, and controlled via a multi-button keypad to rid your walls of light switches. Not only are they convenient, but eliminating “wall acne” makes your home look nearly flawless! When deciding where to put smart lights, keep these locations in mind. 

Inside And Outside The Home

When including smart lights in a home, it’s important to include both the inside and outside of your home. Start with the interior’s central locations and then work your way to the exterior, lighting up your deck space or pool area. 


Putting a smart light in the kitchen is a great idea. This can make it look like you’re home when you’re away on vacation or out late, helping to deter burglars. You can also set up a lighting scene to slowly turn on your kitchen lights in the morning for a slow rise, or dim them automatically as the sun sets. 

Front Entrance

A smart light in the front entrance is ideal if you frequently get home after the sun sets. Instead of coming home to a dark house, turn on the lights before walking in the door. 

Living Room

The living room light being on when you’re not home is another great way to make it look like you’re home, even though you’re not. This smart light can also illuminate the front of the house when you walk in the door so that you can see your surroundings. If you enjoy a Friday night movie in your living room, program a movie scene that dims select lights for the perfect movie-watching atmosphere. 

Porch Lights

Putting porch lights on a timer to make sure that they come on when it’s dark outside can help prevent accidents by guaranteeing that you are walking up a lit walkway when you get home. Combine a smart porch light with an exterior camera to instantly decrease the chances of a break-in when you’re away from your house for extended periods and modernize your home. Outdoor lights can be programmed to a night scene that automatically brightens and dims the lights. 

Common Pet Areas

Pets don’t enjoy sitting at home in the dark. Take a week and pay attention to where your pet spends the most time. Then, install smart light bulbs in those common areas. Put them on a schedule to turn them on when it is dark outside to make sure that your furry friends can see their surroundings, and help them feel less lonely. 

In Conclusion

Smart lights provide a modern convenience that traditional light switches cannot compare with. These lights can be used to prevent accidents, deter criminals, and guarantee that you don’t have to go home to a completely dark house. With an ultra-sleek keypad and programmable light scenes, smart lights are the best way to customize your home lighting to exactly what you want and need. 

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