Why Designers Love Automated Shades

Why Designers Love Automated Shades


Home automation hits new levels once you start exploring how you can use technology to do more than just lock your front door. Automated shades are one of the hottest trends in interior design right now, and it is easy to see why designers love them so much. Adding automated shades to your interior decorating must-haves list gives you these benefits that designers and general property owners can both appreciate.

Choose Your Preferred Style

With some types of shades, you have to make concessions about your style options. Designers tend to go with the choice that offers the most options for customization, and you’ll find that motorized shades in Philadelphia check off all of the boxes. From rollers to Roman and horizontal sheer styles, you can pick the look you want while still being able to enjoy the convenience of automated shades.

Set the Scene Before Your Arrival

Automated shades allow for a remote operation that helps you take your entertainment goals to the next level. Interior designers know that lighting makes a huge impression on people that transforms how they view the other elements in their room and stepping into the right level of light has a major impact on a person’s mood. With a few quick clicks on your smartphone, you can activate the motorized shades to open or close before you even get home. This makes it the perfect way to set a relaxing scene before you arrive home from work, or you might want to brighten up your space before you bring a new guest over for a visit.

Enjoy Ultra-Quiet Motorized Movement

Few things can destroy the ambiance in a room like unwanted noise. Interior designers know that how a feature functions can be just as important as its appearance. With motorized blinds NJ designers install in buildings, property owners can know that they’ll be whisper-quiet whenever they are opening or closing. Whether you are outfitting your medical office with window treatments or are working with a designer in your home, knowing that you can avoid the awkward noises and fumbling that occur with traditional mini-blinds helps you to create the perfect ambiance in any space.

Eliminate Awkward Blind Cords and Pulls

As cat owners and new parents can attest, the cords on other types of blinds are a major nuisance. Even when they aren’t pulled out of place or broken, they simply distract from the beauty of the shades when they’re hanging in the way. Motorized shades don’t require those frustrating pieces of string and plastic that detract from the clean lines that designers prefer in their decorating schemes.

Contact an Expert on Smart Home Automation

Once you automate your home’s shades, you’ll find that life just gets brighter. Automated window treatments give your home a modern look while also making controlling indoor lighting and temperature more convenient. Reach out to one of our experts that can walk you through the process of finding the right shades or blinds for your home.